a.1. 2013 as of Nov. 2013

a.2. 2012

a.3. 2011

b. Disbursement and Income

b.1. Disbursement

b.1.1 2013 (As of December)

b.1.2 2013 (As of September)

b.2. Income

b.2.1 2013

b.2.2 2012

b.2.3 2011                               

c. Physical Plan (BED Reports)

c.1. 2014

c.2. 2013

d. Financial Report of Operation

d.1. 2012

d.2. 2011

e. Financial Accountability Reports

e.1 Statement of Appropriations, Allotments, Obligations, Disbursements and Balances

e.1.1 As of December 2013

e.1.2 As of September 2013

e.2. List of ABM/SAROs/Sub-Allotment Release Orders

e.2.1 As of December 2013

e.2.2 As of September 2013

e.3. Detailed Statement of Current Year's Obligations, Disbursements and Unpaid Obligations

e.3.1 As of December 2013

e.3.2 As of September 2013

e.4. Summary of Prior Year's Obligations and Unpaid Prior Year's Obligations

e.4.1 As of December 2013

e.4.2 As of September 2013

f. Financial Statement

e.2.1 2012

e.2.2 2011

e.2.3 2010

g. Physical Report of Operation

g.1 2013

g.1.1 1st Quarter

g.1.2 2nd Quarter

g.1.3 3rd Quarter

g.2. 2012

g.2.1 4th Quarter